How to prepare emergency bags to face all kinds of disasters

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How to prepare emergency bags to face all kinds of disasters - both natural and man made. The emergency bag or rolling suitcase has to be kept ready at all times.

1. Important documents - photo copies of insurances, medical reports, passport, license, bank information, certificates, ration - aadhar card - everything plastic waterproof sealed.

2. emergency cash money

3. emergency medicines (prescription medications and common basic medicines-headache, fever, allergy) - A mini first aid kit if possible

4. 2 water bottles with water - sealed - to be replaced every 6 months

5. biscuits and nuts or "canned" ready to eat foods (canned or tinned food will never spoil for a long time) - to be replaced every 6 months

6. one pair of dress and extra set of inners- one or two hand towels

7. mini toiletries kit (tooth paste, tooth brush, soap, oil)

8. Mini radio operated by battery and torch light are very important. extra set of batteries are very important

9. small match stick box, few folded large plastic covers, doctors mask, papers pencil pen, small whistle

10. include things that may be very important - relatives, close family friends phone number and addresses written in a paper - similar very important things.

If the family include kids, think about the important things they may need. For women feminine supplies are important.

- Forward Circle

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