Madras HC Issues Interim Order To Annul Triple Talaq Certificate

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The Madras High Court on Thursday passed an interim judgement annulling all the triple talaq (divorce) certificates issued by Chief Kazi, saying that he has no power to issue such documents as per section 4 of the Kazis Act, 1880.

The plea, pointing out the unconstitutionality of these certificates, was filed by an lawyer-cum-activist Bader Sayeed, who explained that Kazis have no authority or administrative power to pass any judicial orders.

"What the Kazis have been doing over the last few years is that they have been just certifying talaqs unilaterally without consulting the wives. They don't even know the facts and just certify the talaq," she said.

Showing utmost dissatisfaction on the issue, she said passing such orders are arbitrary and that is why she filed a writ petition to annul the authenticity of these certificates.

The Madras High Court has also acknowledged the petition and agreed to whatever had been mentioned in the petition and have passed an interim order annulling existing certificates and disallowing the passing of such certificates in future.

However, it is not yet known if the judgement coming from the court only pertains to the state of Tamil Nadu or across India.


Last modified on Wednesday, 11 January 2017 20:27
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